Programmist cartoons

Programmist cartoons

When working long in the same field, people tend to make fun of it and create jokes that make fun of broken stuff that cannot be fixed. If you work for some time in IT, you surely will be sooner or later familiar with most of them 🙂 So to brighter a little day when nothing is working I wanted to create an additional plugin for TeamScreen where you could see some funny images. Unfortunately I run out of time, so I may as well share some things that I found and planned for TeamScreen:

First this cartoon, that was popular some time ago on 9gag:

Also, this one:

And this regarding cloud:

There are also great aggregators of such cartoons:

In the end, the best programming cartoon for me is this one:


Because it’s true and is the perfect description of programming work and “good code” 🙂 What’s your favorite cartoon/joke related to IT? Share it in comments 🙂

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