TeamScreen – general progress update #3

TeamScreen – general progress update #3

This will be the shortest post related to TeamScreen and Get Noticed competition. Recently I had a very little time for developing it and more importantly, I’m a little bit tired of it. I need a little break and with competition finishing in few days I’ll certainly have that 🙂

I did quite a lot stuff outside of work, you can check it out here and I think a break is very important when you’re doing them. We are not robots, we have limits and with working on TeamScreen I’m currently very close to one.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything to push TeamScreen – I mainly worked on plugin loading mechanism. I added new settings screen to choose which plugin to load, I added an empty page to display when no plugins are chosen and I also added error screen to show when something goes wrong. In all of that jQuery load function was extremely helpful. This function is a bedrock for whole plugin system in TeamScreen, it allows to get HTML and JavaScript code via HTTP protocol and dynamically attach it to existing DOM. It supports a wide variety of additional arguments, so creating error page was quite easy.

Thank you for reading this quick update and hope to see you next time 🙂

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